Go Solar
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Myths 101

Myth #1: Solar panels only work if you live in a warm, sunny climate.

Not True. Bright sun is not the only source for sunlight that current day solar panels can use to generate electricity. Of course, bright sun is best, but ambient sunlight on cloudy days will also work due to technological advances. Today’s solar panels are more energy efficient than ever. Newer systems like the “LG NeOn R” maximize sunlight absorption and generate the maximum possible output — as much as 26 percent more than other comparably sized solar panels. This higher efficiency means that solar panels can work in virtually any climate and every season.

Myth #2: You need a lot of roof space for solar panels.

Not True. Just like other amazing technologies (think microchips), solar panels are getting smaller, more powerful, and more efficient. High-efficiency panels take up less space because fewer panels are needed to produce the electricity needed to power your home. So even a smaller home could have enough roof space to fit the number of panels needed to generate the power you need and save you money.

Myth #3: Installation is a long, drawn-out hassle.

While adding solar panels to your property is not a DIY project, installation usually takes only a day or two for a typical residential application whereas a large commercial installation may take a couple weeks. Newer solar panel models streamline the process further, eliminating the need to install a separate inverter. Most solar panels require a separate inverter to bring electricity into your house, but new panels from LG, for instance, incorporate the inverter, simplifying and accelerating the installation process.

Myth #4: If something goes wrong, you are on your own.

As with any major investment in your home, you should make sure you understand the manufacturer and installer warranties for your solar panels, including how long the coverage lasts and what types of problems are covered. One leading solar player, LG, even offers an industry-leading 25-year product and power warranty. And unlike a furnace or an air conditioning system, a solar installation has no moving parts to wear out and typically requires little maintenance and repair.

Myth #5: Solar panels will look big, bulky, and ugly on your roof.

Solar panels are becoming smaller, sleeker, and more aesthetically pleasing. Higher-efficiency models are also offering increased flexibility of configuration. Instead of having to cover an entire roof with panels in a specific arrangement in order to generate power, modern options allow you to arrange panels to meet your sense of aesthetics. Adding solar power to a home provides homeowners many benefits, from reducing energy costs, to increasing the value of your home, and to helping the environment.